But that's straight up a mountain.

Us, probably.

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re a small design & development shop who’s in the middle of our launch. We’re also a team trying to crank out high-quality work, make the world a better place in whatever small way we can, and do as much traveling, running, and enjoying life as we can along the way.

We committed to 2017 being a hugely healthy, productive year for us with lots of race goals, which is where these photos and this weekend come in. Once a year, a running/workout group one of our team is a part of meets up at a North Face Endurance Challenge Race somewhere in North America, and hundreds of people converge on it for a weekend of trails, racing, family, and more good vibes than can possibly be imagined.

This particular year was also the 5th anniversary of the group’s founding and would happen back on the banks of the Charles River in Boston where it began. So not a chance in hell missing it was even a consideration, ridiculous current hours or no.

We were fortunate to be able to catch and overnight bus up to Boston after a late evening finishing a project, pull a quick turnaround on arrival and still get a 6am shuttle to Wachusett Mountain where we spent the better part of two days with several hundred spectators & racers, including dozens of friendly faces from early mornings running bridges in NYC, the lakefront in Milwaukee, stadiums in Baltimore & more, all across the country. We also ran the most technical, difficult, challenging course of our lives in real heat and outperformed our every expectation while loving every minute of it, so a weekend as well spent as is possible.