Building Nomad Running Co.

Crossing paths with as many interesting people as we’re fortunate to tends to inspire; and as such, we usually have more fun ideas kicking around here at D51 than we know what to do with. We also constantly hear from friends that they wish they could break away from the 9-5, and that if only they had more freedom in their schedule, there are all sorts of dreams and goals they’d go after. So with that in mind, we thought we’d do a series about us starting a new side business to give you all an idea of what’s involved. It is absolutely a lot of work, but it’s probably also easier than you think, and it’s our hope that you see this and it’s spurs you to some kind of action in your own life.

Now this particular project we’re launching has enough potential that it’s not exactly a side hustle, so to speak, but it’s also not a full time thing. We’re hoping to put in maybe a collective 10 hours a week and see where it goes. Now, for a little background, we’re pretty much all runners here at the office, with everyone putting in some kind of mileage weekly, and both our co-founders making it both a major part of their lives and taking regular part in the District’s thriving running community. We’re also travelers, and recent trips have done well for combining both passions, with us getting to crush some epic NFL stadium stairs (shoutout to M&T Bank Stadium and NP Baltimore), run trails up a mountain (The North Face ECS MA), have #bridgesforbreakfast in Milwaukee and New York, and slog through a sweltering hot relay at The North Face ECS DC.

So with that in mind, one day during the Alt National Park Service furor we were kicking around ideas about how to support them and give back to them and the communities we’ve run in and the idea of doing a limited run collab with donated proceeds was brought up. We’re generally pretty hot on the idea of triple-bottom-line businesses (ie, those with a focus on people, planet, and profit),  and one thing led to another, with the resulting convo becoming Nomad Running Co. Over the weeks and months to come, we’ll be posting here about the process of getting this launched and keeping you all in the loop about where it goes.