Supercharge your business in a week or less.

Each completed project is handed over with an online guide with video links and PDF's detailing everything needed to manage your new website.


Web Design
  • A collaborative and painless project management process.
  • 3 days from the start of the project to the launch of your new website.
  • Two screenshare calls with realtime edits and changes.
  • An additional 2 days of changes, fully managed by your team going forward.
  • Note: This package does not include training or creation of branded elements.

Mailchimp Setup

  • Mailchimp account setup and site integration so your email marketing is ready to go.

1-1 Training

  • 1-on-1 training for your team on how to use your site, create content, make changes, and best practices.

Commerce Setup

and Web Design
  • A painless project management process.
  • One week from start to the launch of your new e-commerce website.
  • Daily screenshare calls with realtime edits and changes.
  • Your homepage, up to 20 custom pages, and up to 15 product pages.
  • All technical details taken care of for you.
  • One week of adjustments and changes, fully managed by your team going forward.

E-Commerce Setup

  • E-Commerce setup with up to 25 products, integrated with Shopify for Wordpress.

which package is right for me?

Broadly speaking, we offer three packages, a number of specific upgrades if you’re looking to add something not included, and beyond that we can build something custom. Also, very broadly speaking, which one you’ll want is largely related to how much content you already have, and the size and complexity of the site you want.

This quick Q&A should help with the decision-making process.

Our Single Page package is perfect for people who want to upgrade their online presence quickly and already have most of the visual and written elements on hand, and a relatively streamlined site as their goal. With that in mind:

Do you have existing branding?
A key to successfully turning around your site quickly is having as many existing high quality assets as possible, and your logo and branding is one of the first things visitors will see when they land on your page. If you don’t have something, or aren’t happy with what you do, our Deluxe package includes rebranding and design options.

Do you know which visual assets you’d like to use?
Modern websites are incredibly visual in nature, so do you have any photos or graphics already on hand to make your business shine? If not, no stress; we work with the team at Death to Stock and have a great library of beautiful and interesting images you can select from, and our Standard and Deluxe packages are both inclusive of this.

How do you feel about your written content?
We can work with you to determine the layout of the new site, and beyond that, what exactly is needed to fill out the different parts of it, but we’ll need you to write great copy befitting your great new site. Not a great writer, or not confident in putting your words onto paper? Both our Standard and Deluxe packages are both include our assistance writing copy for your site, as well as our taking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into account when we do so.

Are you ready to move quickly?
For our weeklong service, we’re going to be in touch with each other pretty often through the process. They’ll be decisions to make, and things will move fast. We’ll get edits to you on a daily basis by 5pm EST, and we’ll be looking for your thoughts & changes by the time we begin work the next morning. You’ll have ample opportunity to weigh in, but time will be of the essence, so scheduling this to happen when your availability permits is a key part of this, and making calls quickly is essential in helping us meet deadlines for you.