District 51 is an ethical design shop and digital strategy firm.

We’re a project of a marketer & a designer; one with a history in politics, hospitality, and corporate America, and one a former educator and coach; and both with a long history in the district.

For us, like so many others, the election in 2016 changed everything. We’ve been socially conscious and politically active throughout our careers, but things are different now, and for us, they aligned in a way that it made sense to go all in on trying to help those creating a better world, and doing it in the areas we know best. District 51, a nod to the city and its fight for home rule, exists to address what is typically an area of major weakness in both social enterprise and small business; creating a strategy for and effectively using digital media to achieve their goals.

When used well, it’s a complete gamechanger, but too often, it’s either an afterthought or, in the case of non-profits, anathema to a field notoriously slow to embrace change.

We use our experience in the private sector, the principles of lean startup, and a very, very light footprint to keep our costs down, work efficiently and effectively, and help our clients do as much good as possible while succeeding in their goals; be they traffic, visibility, or revenue related.

As is often heard these days, we can do better. America and the world can do better, and all of us personally can do better. We believe that, and we want to help others who believe it too.