Our Mission

Be better than yesterday (also; every project is our best project).

Just like we believe in the idea that as a society, we can do better; we also believe that we personally can do better. We constantly push ourselves to learn new things, step outside our comfort zone, and raise the bar higher than it was yesterday. Consequently, we believe all our work should be our best work since we’re constantly striving to be better than we were yesterday.

Remember why we’re doing this

We traded the stability of corporate for the freedom (and risk) of entrepreneurship for a lot of reasons. While the lack of meetings and flexible hours are a bonus to be sure, the real prize is getting to work with those we believe in. We work with other people and firms who share a common vision on projects we care about, and aim to make an impact.

Make no small plans

A bastardization of a quote attributed to Daniel Burnham (and a nod to the long Chicago stint of one of the founders), it’s most famously used to justify massive and unnecessary urban planning projects, but also tidily sums our thoughts as mentioned above. We work to make an impact, both in the projects we choose, and the work we do on them. What does that mean? We choose substance over flash & little accounts we believe in over big ones we don’t. We’ll take a project that captures our attention and delivers real change in lieu of the big payday ten times of ten. If you choose to work with us, you can both expect and count on that.

A win/win situation isn’t the lofty ideal, it’s where we start

Another oft-remembered memory and lesson from corporate is that there’s often a downside to a deal. A win/win where everyone walks away better off happened, but was the rare and happy exception rather than the rule. In keeping with the whole “sleeping well at night” thing, we’ve flipped that on it’s head. We’ll only take you on as a client if we think we’re the right fit, and if we don’t, we’ll point you in the right direction. If luck would have us ending up together, we’ll do an amazing job for you, and if you’re happy with the work we’ve done, we hope you’ll tell your friends. For lack of a better phrase, everyone should walk away from their experience stoked.

We treat you (and your time) with respect

As small biz owners ourselves, we know how tight time and budgets can be. Indeed, we keep a light footprint and use a lot of the principles of lean startup to be cost-effective and light as possible, so our margins reflect that. When we speak with you and (hopefully) do projects for you, we work quickly, deliver on or ahead of schedule, and keep the kind of eye on your budget that we do our own.